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I will also cover basic fluid dynamics and magnetohydrodynamics.

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Schedule Both the sequence of lectures and the assignment due dates are preliminary at this point. Please take note of these dates. Grading Your course grade will be based on a weighted combination of three elements:. This course will have 5 problem sets, as indicated on the syllabus.

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In addition, each week we will all read one paper from the literature as indicated, and have a approximately 20 minute discussion of it on Thursday or on the last day of class for the week. For each week, one or more students will be assigned to lead the discussion. Everyone who is not the discussion lead is responsible for sending one or more substantive questions or comments on the paper to the discussion lead by 5 PM on the day before the discussion. The discussion leader will incorporate those questions and comments into the discussion.

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  5. Learn more. Streamlining the extensive information from the original, highly acclaimed monograph, this new An Introduction to the Physics of Interstellar Dust provides a concise reference and overview of interstellar dust and the interstellar medium.

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    Modes of study Option 1. Written exam In English. Participation in classroom work In English.

    Written exam and weekly exercises; oral presentation. Department of Physics and Astronomy.

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    Obligatory Studies I. Oct 22, Archived Teaching Schedule.

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    5. STORE by Chalmers Studentkår - Physics of the Interstellar and Intergalactic Medium.
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