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He was sentenced to life in the slave mines and after 30 years managed to escape with help only to find himself in the arena in Rome as a gladiator trained in the school of Corvue. Casca possesses an affinity for spoken languages. He can master most languages that he encounters, including their dialects, colloquialisms, and sub-tongues. Casca is also superbly skilled in edged weapons.

The Phoenix

He was first trained as a Roman Legionnaire with the Gladius Iberius sword. He later improved those skills as a Gladiator in the Circus Maximus. Casca is easily recognizable by the long facial scar that he possesses. It runs from the side of his eye to his mouth in a crescent shape, giving him a permanent sneer. Casca acquired the scar while trying to short-change a local prostitute in the Holy Land. Over the years many onlookers assume that Casca received the wound while in battle; Casca just chuckles and thinks, "If they only knew.

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He first met Casca when the latter was brought into the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds and a large mortar shell fragment lodged in his skull and into his brain, which should have been fatal. Goldman discovered Casca's unusual healing properties and became his biographer and chronicler after hearing his story.

He is often visited by Casca for updates on his life and experiences throughout the ages. Goldman later leaves the Army and establishes his own practice.

Casca 14: The Phoenix

Danny first meets Casca in book 34 Devil's Horseman and gradually takes over from Goldman as his biographer. The Brotherhood of the Lamb is a fanatical religious sect and sworn enemy of Casca. It is run by an elder, who oversees the sect's hierarchy, the Inner Circle. The circle is composed of an elder and twelve other specially chosen brothers who run the militant religious organization.

They preach force and power over traditional virtues of piety and compassion. The Brotherhood was founded by Izram, a man who called himself the Thirteenth Disciple, in the wake of Jesus's death at the hands of Casca's spear thrust. He purchased the spear from some of Casca's comrades to be used as a relic and symbol for the events on Golgotha.

Known as "The Spear of Longinus" , the sect worships the spear which forms the central focus at prayer times. On the most holy of days in the Brotherhood's calendar, the sect recreates the crucifixion, right down to killing one of their blessed brethren who has been selected to act the part of Jesus.

Casca: The Persian (#6)

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Series overview

Look for Wilbur Smith — he wrote several. Most of his thrillers are set in Africa but cover several historical eras. The list in this article indicates which are 'modern' noting that he started writing back in the s link. Smith's "In The Dark Of The Sun" is set in s Congo where black troops led by mercenaries take a train into rebel territory to rescue civilians trapped there.

Not to mention a fortune in diamonds. A good read and a better movie by the same title. Do yourself a favor and read and watch both.